The Simple Solution You Need – Button-Tie Closures

Button-Tie Closures

Discover the countless possibilities of Button-Tie Closures! They’re not just for inter-office envelopes. These secure closures are perfect for holding books, rigid boxes, and folders tightly shut.

Known by various names such as String Tie, Button Fastener, Button Closure, or Button-String Closure, the featured product in this email is a versatile, simple closure.

Button-Tie Closures

What sets Button-Tie Closures apart is their simplicity and use of easily accessible materials. Unlike other closure methods like Velcro fasteners, magnets, and metal snaps that require special orders, Button-Tie Closures offer a straightforward solution.

Button-Tie Closures

At our facility, we produce over 1 million eyelets annually, many of which are utilized for adding Button-Tie Closures to products like books, boxes, brochures, and portfolios. With a combination of advanced die cutting machines and 17 eyeletting machines, we can fulfill orders ranging from 100 to 100,000+ units. Our extensive capacity enables us to deliver jobs quickly, ensuring prompt service for our valued customers.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our plant handles all Button and Tie operations automatically, including cutting string to the desired length, die cutting paper circles, and eyeletting. Trust us to provide efficient and reliable solutions for all your closure needs.

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