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Concealed Wire-O Binding

Concealed Wire-O Binding Wire-O is one of the best methods for binding, because it allows for mixing and matching stocks, page sizes, page foldouts, split

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Big wire-o

How big is big?  Is this wire-o piece the biggest that we have produced…. no.  What is the biggest we can produce?  Assuming a sheet

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O Rings

O rings are something you probably played with in public school!  We use them to bind books.  Silver and gold are standard colours.  Many other

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What is Wire-o-binding? Wire-o-binding is a continuous series of looped wire, usually extending the spine length of a book looped through holes. The holes are

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Wire-O Binding

Styles of Wire-O Binding Our equipment can Wire-O books by the hundreds or hundreds of thousands. We don’t only bind regular Wire-O bind books, we

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