A Game-Changer: Get a Deluxe Notepad Holder!

Deluxe Notepad Holder

Notepad Holder

Our high speed automatic case maker doesn’t just create book covers and rigid boxes, but so much more! This week, I’m showing deluxe case wrapped pad holders that can be made on our cutting-edge high speed automatic case maker!

Notepad Holder

These score sheets are neatly organized in a notepad (which we can produce in-house), securely stored in a sleek case wrapped holder. The case liner is designed with a double elastic at the spine to hold a pen or pencil, and a clever die cut opening keeps the pad backer in place. Plus, notepad holders can be wrapped in both cloth and paper options. You can easily update or refill the pads as needed.

Notepad Holder

Don’t miss out on the endless possibilities of case wrapped products. Give us a call to see how case wrapping can create a durable, memorable product.



*We did not produce this specific gamepad holder, but can to our high standard of detail and quality.

Break the Limits of Large Runs: Get Your Eyelet-Free Info Wheels!

Earlier this year, I did a video that focused on large runs of metal eyelet-free information wheels (also called wheel charts or spinners). Now, I’m introducing an amazing, cost-effective solution for smaller runs of eyelet-free wheel charts!

Say goodbye to the limitations of large jobs, because we’ve got you covered for runs smaller than 5,000 units. Looking for an eco-friendly, metal-free option for information wheels? Look no further – just give us a call!


Reveal Your Prize with Our Expert Micro Perforating

Micro Perforating

Discover a streamlined, cost-effective solution for your direct mail and prize reveal projects with our 5-step inhouse process! We produced this specific prize reveal for a printer located about 1,500 miles from our Toronto plant.

Our specialized machinery ensures that the micro perforations are perfectly aligned, resulting in a flawless end product. With just three easy folds along the micro-perforated lines, the end user can reveal exciting prizes, coupons, and more.

Micro Perforating

Micro Perforating

Our efficient process includes 1) trimming to one-up; 2) scoring the gutter; 3) micro-perforating all four edges for tear-off applications; 4) applying remoistenable glue; and 5) the final fold. This versatile product is ideal for direct mail or prize reveal campaigns. Say goodbye to high labor costs and hello to a smooth production process.

By streamlining the production process, our advanced machinery helps minimize labor costs and maximize efficiency. Contact us today to experience the benefits of our innovation and experience and take your marketing initiatives to the next level.

What a Combo! Die Shaped and Drilled Board Books

Drilled Board Books

Board books are growing in popularity in the real estate, high end retail and restaurant markets. Not only do we produce board books in runs up to 10,000 units, but we can also PMC / high die cut the books to almost any shape. We can also do the entire job (even the die creasing) in house and cost effectively.

Drilled Board Books

But PMC / high die cutting can only be done to the outside edge of the book … So how was the book I’m showing this week made? It was die shaped and then drilled with a 1 1/4” drill! Genius? We think so.

A few printers produce boardbooks, but who wants to send business to a competitor? We’re a trade bindery, so we’re not your competitor! Please give us a call for board books or any job that needs PMC / high die shaping

Metal Eyelets: Your Retail Packaging’s Secret Weapon

Metal Eyelets

Are you looking for a way to make your retail packaging stand out from the competition? Eyelets are a great option! Metal eyelets provide durability and add a touch of sophistication to any retail package. With eyelets, you can hang heavier products without tearing the hang hole, giving the packaging an extra level of quality and security.

Metal Eyelets

With 18 eyeletting machines available, we can provide eyelets in a range of sizes and colors for retail packaging. There is an impressive array of colors and metallic finishes available as you can see from our eyelet sample chart below.

Adding metal eyelets to retail packaging is a great way to make your products stand out from the competition and provide an extra level of quality and security. Eyelets can provide durability, sophistication, and style to any package or product you offer.

Metal Eyelets

While adding metal eyelets costs more than drilled holes, the resulting packaging is more durable. From a prepress standpoint, adding eyelets to product packaging is simple and doesn’t require specific design changes.

Please give us a call to find out how eyelets and other product additions can elevate retail packaging and make it stand out from the competition.


400% Increase in Case Binding Production Speed!

Case Binding

Our brand new automatic high speed casing-in machine has increased our production process by 400%! Our other casing-in machines do oddball book sizes, but this machine does casing-in at very high speeds. This reduces our cost, making our prices competitive for larger runs of hardcover books.

Making hardcover books requires a process called “casing in.” Our automatic casing-in machine attaches finished text blocks to a hard book cover. This machine does all 5 steps of casing in:

  1. Applying a head and tail band to the spine
  2. Applying a full strip of cloth (called “mull”) along the spine
  3. Nipping (compression of the the book spine)
  4. Smashing (compression of the book prior to adding the cover
  5. Full surface gluing and mounting the case to the bound book block

Case Binding

Do you want a good price on casebound books produced in North America? Please give us a call!

Finally, a hardcover book that bends to your needs!

Hardcover Book

This week, I’m showcasing a truly unique take on hard cover book design: a hard cover with a flexible, cloth spine! This unique style features the best of both worlds – the durability of a hardcover book with the flexibility of a soft spine.

Hardcover Books

Are you looking for a modern, stylish and durable book cover design? The cloth spine hardcover book might be the perfect choice for your book project. This innovative concept features a cloth spine that is securely mounted to the spine of the book block (perfect bound or Smyth bound) and then glued to the inside of the front and back covers.

Hardcover Book - Specialties Graphic Finishers

Rather than using traditional square or round spines found on hardcover books, this unique approach combines the strength and durability of hardcover book covers with the flexibility of a soft spine. The result is an eye-catching, high quality product that stands out from other books in terms of design and finish.

Hardcover Book - Specialties Graphic Finishers

The cloth used for this type of book cover can be customized in both color and texture to fit your brand perfectly. Also, like other hard book covers, a cloth spine can be foil stamped with a title.

If you’re looking for a way to make your book stand out from others, consider opting for this cloth-spined hardcover book design. Its unique construction offers a modern look while retaining all the benefits and durability associated with hardbound books – providing long lasting protection and an unforgettable impression!

Show your customers something new! If this binding style looks like it will be great for your project, please give us a call.

Get the perfect bookmark for your hardcover books!

Get the perfect bookmark for your hardcover books!


Are you looking for an attractive and practical addition to your hardcover and softcover books? Ribbon bookmarks are the perfect choice! Custom ribbon bookmarks give you the opportunity to make a truly unique statement with your books. Whether you want to add a single bookmark or up to 6 bookmarks, ribbon bookmarks will elevate the look of your books.


Bookmarks - Specialties Graphic Finishers

We source ribbons in a variety of textures, colors, patterns, and widths so that you can find a style that complements any type of book cover design. For example, if you have luxurious hardcovers, velvet ribbons offer a silky touch of elegance. Or for paperback novels, grosgrain ribbons can provide the perfect finishing touch.

The great thing about ribbon bookmarks is that they’re easy to use and will last longer than ordinary paper or cardstock bookmarks. Plus, they’re extremely versatile—you can use them in a variety of ways from decorating journals or scrapbooks to adding photos onto greeting cards. So why not add some personality to your bookshelves with custom ribbon bookmarks? With their beautiful designs and long-lasting durability, they’re sure to make reading even more enjoyable.

Ribbon bookmarks can be custom printed with your own unique design. Give us a call today for more information about how we can help bring your ideas into reality!

Singer Stitched Books

A book that looks hand-stitched? Singer sewn books are the answer!

Have you ever seen a book that looks like it was hand-stitched? If so, chances are it was bound using the Singer Sewn binding method. This binding method is an ideal choice for anyone who wants their book to have a hand-bound look and feel. 

The Singer Sewn binding method is a popular choice for book designers and publishers who want to create a hand-bound look and feel for their book project. The thread used in this binding method is usually sewn with an industrial Singer sewing machine, which is strong enough to stitch through multiple sheets of paper. This binding method creates a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing book that will last for many years.

The thread used to stitch the books can be left visible on the outer spine or hidden with a cover, giving designers flexibility in design options. Furthermore, you can choose to leave the stitches hanging at either end for a more whimsical look or have them cut flush with the cover for a more polished look. There are over 200 colours of binding thread available, which means this type of binding is highly customizable.

Specialties Graphic Finishers

This particular book that we bound on our Singer sewing machines has a pocket mounted to the inside back cover (see below) and an embossed title on the outside front cover.

It’s easy to see why Singer sewn binding has become so popular among printers and graphic designers alike! Please give us a call if this binding method is the best fit for your book project!

Something different for your packaging needs

Something different for your packaging needs

I’m amazed by the ingenuity of this telescoping rigid box. I’m going to call it a blooming rigid box because the base has four ‘petals’ which open outwards, providing users with an easy-open system. Let’s take a look at how this innovative design works and why it could be the solution to your next packaging project!

Telescoping boxes have a base that is inserted into the slightly larger lid. This telescoping box has a twist: the base “blooms,” allowing easy removal of the product. As you can see in the image below, red litho wrapped board is mounted to black stock that is die cut into shape so that it fits perfectly together when stored away in its closed form.

Are you looking for ways to streamline the packaging and fulfillment process? For many jobs, we have the capability to insert retail products into the boxes, reducing trucking, the number of suppliers involved and overall turnaround time. We provide an efficient way to package retail items with minimal effort from your side. All you need to do is print the wrap and send everything over!

Check out another full service packaging job we did: https://sgfteam.ca/full-service-packaging/