Introducing the Board Book Information Wheel

This week, I’m showing a board book because it integrates Wheel Chart technology into a book format. While this particular book is clearly for children, I see the potential for much wider applications! Whether it’s an interactive marketing piece, promotional information or to deliver educational material, this hand-held product lends itself many industries.

Paper Wheel Charts (sometimes referred to as Paper Apps!) are popular for relaying information in a concise and articulate form. User-friendly Wheel Charts can calculate medical information, display promotional information, or deliver educational material. There are many different types, but all have a rotating inner wheel with a die cut window.

Most wheel charts consist of two die cut paper discs and an eyelet. As you can see in the image below, the wheel in this book is composed of thick board andis  mounted between two “pages” in the board book.

All wheel charts and board books are totally bespoke to client requirements. **We did not produce this specific book, but can craft information wheel board books to our standard of impeccable craftsmanship.**

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