A Game-Changer: Get a Deluxe Notepad Holder!

Deluxe Notepad Holder

Notepad Holder

Our high speed automatic case maker doesn’t just create book covers and rigid boxes, but so much more! This week, I’m showing deluxe case wrapped pad holders that can be made on our cutting-edge high speed automatic case maker!

Notepad Holder

These score sheets are neatly organized in a notepad (which we can produce in-house), securely stored in a sleek case wrapped holder. The case liner is designed with a double elastic at the spine to hold a pen or pencil, and a clever die cut opening keeps the pad backer in place. Plus, notepad holders can be wrapped in both cloth and paper options. You can easily update or refill the pads as needed.

Notepad Holder

Don’t miss out on the endless possibilities of case wrapped products. Give us a call to see how case wrapping can create a durable, memorable product.



*We did not produce this specific gamepad holder, but can to our high standard of detail and quality.

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