Surprising New Hardcover Customizations Await

This week, I’m showing you a striking hardcover book customization. This unique and visually striking book with a vibrant cloth wrapped cover has a surprise inside.

Case Binding Detached Spine

A key aspect of case bound hardcover books are the endpapers, which typically secure a bound book block to the inside of both the front and back covers. What sets this featured book apart is the book block is attached only to the inside back cover with a single endpaper.

Case Binding Detached Spine

At our North American trade finishing house, we specialize in full case binding and hardcover book services. Our dedicated team handles every step of the process, from crafting the cases to adding head & tail bands, perfect binding or Smyth sewing, and casing-in. Trust us to bring your books to life with quality and expertise.

** We did not produce this specific book, but can craft books with this custom option to our standard of impeccable craftsmanship. **

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