What a Combo! Die Shaped and Drilled Board Books

Drilled Board Books

Board books are growing in popularity in the real estate, high end retail and restaurant markets. Not only do we produce board books in runs up to 10,000 units, but we can also PMC / high die cut the books to almost any shape. We can also do the entire job (even the die creasing) in house and cost effectively.

Drilled Board Books

But PMC / high die cutting can only be done to the outside edge of the book … So how was the book I’m showing this week made? It was die shaped and then drilled with a 1 1/4” drill! Genius? We think so.

A few printers produce boardbooks, but who wants to send business to a competitor? We’re a trade bindery, so we’re not your competitor! Please give us a call for board books or any job that needs PMC / high die shaping

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