Perfect Binding … with a Twist!

Perfect Binding

Think this week’s product is a basic perfect bound magazine? While we excel in perfect binding, we specialize in adding processes like die cutting and, in this case, pattern gluing.

Perfect Binding

When you look closely at the cover of this book, you can see that the cover panel has the title die cut so the underlying printed middle panel shows through.

Perfect Binding With A Twist

Normally, a double thick cover is simply full surface glued. That wasn’t an option for this job because the glue would squeeze through the die cut portion. We pattern glued the middle panel and then folded the die cut panel over, which ensures a close bond between the middle and cover panel without any glue residue showing.

In addition to regular perfect binding operations (section folding, perfect binding and 3-knife trimming), this job required die cutting, pattern gluing and hand folding of the cover.

When a perfect binding job–with a twist– comes across your desk, please give us a call!

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