400% Increase in Case Binding Production Speed!

Case Binding

Our brand new automatic high speed casing-in machine has increased our production process by 400%! Our other casing-in machines do oddball book sizes, but this machine does casing-in at very high speeds. This reduces our cost, making our prices competitive for larger runs of hardcover books.

Making hardcover books requires a process called “casing in.” Our automatic casing-in machine attaches finished text blocks to a hard book cover. This machine does all 5 steps of casing in:

  1. Applying a head and tail band to the spine
  2. Applying a full strip of cloth (called “mull”) along the spine
  3. Nipping (compression of the the book spine)
  4. Smashing (compression of the book prior to adding the cover
  5. Full surface gluing and mounting the case to the bound book block

Case Binding

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