Our Latest Innovative Breakthrough: 24pt Cover Perfect Bound Books

The product I’m featuring this week is an example of how we are continuously innovating and improving upon book binding options.

Perfect binding has long been a common form of book binding, but it has some drawbacks – namely its limitations regarding cover thickness. Perfect bound books have been limited to a maximum cover thickness of 18pt … until now!

Our advancements have now made it possible for us to produce perfect bound books with 24pt covers! This opens up a world of possibilities for designers and printers that want to create durable books, without the cost of adding a hard, case bound cover.

Perfect bound books with 24pt covers can be intricately die cut, foil stamped and high die shaped (PMC die shaped).

With the developments we’ve made in perfect binding, there’s no telling what kinds of amazing book designs you’ll be seeing from us in the future!

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