Soft Covered Case Bound Books

Soft Book Case Making

soft covered case bound books

This week, I’m featuring soft covered case bound books, which have the durability of hardcover cases but the flexibility of a paper book cover. This particular book has a smyth sewn book block that has rounded corners and foil edge gilding.

Both soft and hard book covers have the four edges of the cover material turned in and then glued to the front and back book endpapers. Hardcovers simply have pieces of 100pt board mounted between the cover materials and the endpapers.

soft covered case bound books

We have newly installed casing-in and case making machines, which produce quality case wrapped book covers at amazing speeds.

soft covered case bound books

We offer many other services that enhance case wrapped books, including:

  • Ribbon bookmarks (hundreds of combinations of widths, colours and trimming styles)
  • Foil stamping
  • Foil edge gilding
  • Round book cornering
  • Slipcases and book boxes

You might have a supplier for case wrapped book covers, but please give us a call!

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