Brand New Case Making Machine


I’m excited to announce that we recently installed a brand new hardcover book case making machine! This new machine increases our production speed, so we’re competitively priced against other case binding providers.


As one of North America’s premier trade finishing houses, we offer full case binding and hardcover book services. We do the entire process in-house, including making the cases, adding head & tail bands, perfect binding and Smyth sewing and casing-in.

For custom hardcover book binding, we offer these specialized services:

  • 20″ x 20″ Smyth sewing
  • 20″ x 20″ perfect binding
  • Extra-thick books
  • Hard and Flexible covers
  • Hubbed spines
  • Metal corners
  • Square, round and hubbed spines
  • Ribbon bookmarks
  • Edge painting and foil gilding
  • Die cut slipcases, covers & dust jackets

Our new case making machine produces quality cases for books and rigid boxes at amazing speeds! The next time a hardcover book job crosses you desk, please give us a call!

2480 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, ON M1P 2R7 Canada