Step Cutting

We are able to “step-cut”, as shown in pictures #1 and #2.  We step cut books that are already bound such as perfect bound books, saddle stitched or hard back books!  Pictures #1 and #2 illustrates “step-cut” books.  The “steps” can be of various widths and lengths.  Different from step-cutting is “face-cutting” illustrated in pictures #2 and #3.  Pages get progressively shorter towards the spine of the book resulting in “steps”.  For instance the first step might be 20 pages, the next step 42 pages, the next step 16 pages etc.  Pictures #5 and #6 illustrate “corner cutting”.  The “steps”, progress from the corner of the book.  In this instance the steps were on the lower corner of the English side and when you flipped the book over the “steps” were on the opposite corner of a different language!


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