Bevelled Edges

What are bevelled edges?  (U.S. spelling is “Beveled”).  We bevell the edges of case bound books or ring binders.  As usual these pictures are as good as a thousand words!  Bevelling is only effective on an unusually thick cover.  The commonest thickness for the cover of a case bound book is 100 point.  These pictures are all 200 or 200+ point thickness of covers

In the overall cost of producing a hard-back book or a case wrapped ring binder the cost of the “board” is minimal.  For job requiring “bevelling” we mount (full surface glue 2 or 3, 100-point boards together).  The boards are then bevelled on three sides (I’ve never seen a job requiring only one or two sides).


  • Angled (45) edge
  • Smooth
  • Book is heavy


  • Greatly differentiate product (book or ring binder)
  • So UNUSUAL so therefore “VERY” memorable

Factor to consider:

  • Extra thick
  • Heavy covers will probably affect mailing cost

Always assemble a full-scale mock-up of any packaging/dimensional project

How does the design work at the folds and seams?  Where does the legal copy sit?  After all that, does it fit in the needed shipping containers and the commercial display cases and shelves?

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