Book in a Box

This project required creative input, a very fast turnaround and tremendous attention to detail.

The image below shows a fabric casewrapped, casebound book that is housed inside the box.

Book In A Box

The next image shows a long black satin ribbon, which is positioned under the book. The client requested that the book fit tightly inside the box. How can the user get the book out? When the user pulls the ribbon, the book lifts out! (Book In A Box)

Book In A Box

The following image shows the delicate foil stamping on the front of the box. The choice of box material was not ideally suited for foil stamping but we did an flawless job. (Book In A Box)

Book In A Box

In the image below, you can see a USB key that we custom housed in the book in a box.

Book In A Box


  • Textured, fabric wrapped box
  • Casebound book
  • Foil stamped box cover
  • Ribbon book “lifter”
  • USB key nested in the box


  • Highly functional – houses a book, corporate brochure and a USB key

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