Tag Stringing

What is tag stringing? Tag stringing is the completely automated process (thousands per hour), in which a machine performs the following functions in a single pass:

  1. Feeds the tag
  2. Punches a hole
  3. Pulls the string from a large cone of string and cuts it to a required length
  4. Inserts the string and ties a permanent knot
  5. Counts the tags into customer required quantities (20’s, 50’s, etc.)

Tag Stringing - Specialties Graphic Finishers

A term you might be asked by our estimator, is what is the length “hole to knot”? What this means is not how long the string is, but how long the tied string is from the knot to the tag hole. For instance, if the “hole to knot” is 3”, then if you were to cut the string and lay it out flat, it would measure 6”!

Tag Stringing - Specialties Graphic Finishers

The middle tag in the above image is a standard tag with a single panel, no die cut shaping or unusual size

Tag Stringing - Specialties Graphic Finishers

The image above shows a multi-panel tag

We have produced tags with up to 12 panels.  Some multi-paneled tags are often miniature saddle stitched booklets or “paste bound books”, (I’ll do a blog about “paste binding” in a few weeks) or miniature perfect bound books!

Tag Stringing - Specialties Graphic Finishers

The image above shows die cut tags

A large percentage of the tags we produce are die cut. As you can see in the image above, tags aren’t just limited to being round or square. They can be shapes like an orange, mango or pineapple!

Tag Stringing - Specialties Graphic Finishers

The image above shows a miniature tag

We are able to produce a wider range of miniature and oversized tags than our competition! If you have an extra small or extra-large tag in mind, give us a call!

Tag Stringing - Binding & Finishing SGFTEAM

The image above shows a star shaped tag, an example of a very difficult job to run


  • Easy to attach to bottles or retail products
  • Numerous colours of string are available
  • Various lengths and textures of string
  • Cotton or elastic string makes each job unique


  • String adds a very great amount of “value added” to the product as tags are very functional
  • Very low spoilage – often just .01%!
  • We have the largest trade “stringing capacity” in Canada


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