Z-Fold/ Zeddie Pak/ Z-Card

A Z-fold card (also known as a Z-CARD) is a multi-panel brochure with two larger cover cards glued on the opposite sides of the piece.

 Fly Smart

But, a photo doesn’t do a Z-fold card justice. You really have to touch, open and close one to see the genius of it. We will gladly send you samples at no cost. We really think you need to see one!

Success story!

Over 2 billion Z-fold cards have been produced worldwide in the last 20 years!
City maps have been Z-fold card folded to fit in a pocket…
Instructions sheets have been Z-fold card folded…

Features of Z-fold cards

The diagram below shows one of the many folding sequences that can be utilized. Two opposite corner panels are blank on one side, where the cover cards are glued. By pulling the two cards apart, the entire sheet magically unfolds and with another motion, refolds into the original configuration.


The folded piece is centered on two larger cover cards.

Benefits … why bother with Z-fold cards?

Our Z-fold card grabs attention because the unique folder is irresistible-you just have to open and close it. The end user will read it, use it, remember it and keep it!

Factors to consider:

  • Popular misconceptions:
    1. There is still a patent on Z-fold cards.  The patent expired in 2010. Therefore, no royalty or user fees are required to produce Z-fold cards.
    2. There is a limited number of templates, layouts, sizes. Not true—we do have custom configurations or standard “Z-fold card” sizes.
  • We deal with ONLY graphic designers and printers—we DO NOT approach your clients directly.
  • We and only one other company produce this product in Canada.

What you might not know:

  • We have produced quantities from 100-150,000
  • Our average run length is 2,450
  • 92% of the Z-fold cards we have produced have rounded corners
  • 78% of our Z-fold cards were run on 50-pound offset; lighter stock works better because the product lies flatter and is more compact.


The Z-fold card pictured above has an additional feature: a slit in the front card allows for the insertion of a business card or loyalty card.

This second, Z-fold card is similar to the one above with one difference: the front card is a glued pocket, into which a business card or loyalty card can be inserted–instead of a slit.

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