Pen Holders

This is an imitation, leather bound, case, bound book with some unusual, useful add-ons.  The first being the open flap, you can see in the first picture. Then you’ll see the male female metal snaps, and by simply closing the book in the third picture it is snapped shut.  In addition, when the flap is open, you’ll see a cloth penholder, so this is a double application; a penholder and a closure.  So if you want a functional, unusual, some people think cost-effective closure and or penholder, consider the different pictures here and give us a call.

This particular book is a hardback case bound cover book with a number of distinctives.  Firstly, is the fact that the front and back cover has been foam line so it’s padded and you can see the indent with my finger. Secondly, which is not unusual it’s got a colour matching ribbon.  Thirdly, the sides are all sewn.  Fourthly, which makes it quite distinctive besides a normal elastic closure; it has a penholder, slid onto the closure as you can see in the picture.  So this is a double application.   For an add-on yes, it’s got the closure and the penholder as you can see with the pen in the last picture shows that the elastic has no exposure to a rivet it’s glued inside of the case.

This hardback case bound book is unusually functional because the case binding has a sewing application, front spine, and back of this wide gray cloth strip, but in the front as you can see, there’s a closure for a pencil ruler and a pencil sharpener. You can see the back picture it so again, functional distinctive, some people think cost-effective and innovative. 

This hardback case, bound book is unusual for four reasons. Firstly, the face has been around cornered, which is an unusually simple process in our operation. Secondly, the ribbon more or less matches the closing mechanism. Thirdly the closing mechanism is a penholder as you can see.  Fourth at the back there is a ribbon that has been inserted with no eyelet; something simple, functional somewhat unusual.

This is yet another example of a hardback case, bound book. The purpose of this particular picture isn’t to emphasize the embroidered cloth wrap, which is highly unusual, but the main distinctive of this particular piece is the fact that it combines a penholder with a closure.  The second picture shows the actual closed, inserted pen and pencil.  The second picture shows the imitation, leather sewing straps that are rivet into on the front cover, and the two rivets on the flap and so again this is a double application, is a very functional penholder and a simply use closing mechanism for a case bound book.

This one is a first hardback case, bound book with a combination of a pen holder and a telephone holder that I have ever seen.  It is a normal things cloth cover ribbon. Nothing unusual about it except this particular application. Now we can procure the stretch elastic and in a number of widths, a number of colours and textures.  This particular piece obviously is different.  Is very functional plus telephone holder!

This is a pen holder style, which you probably never seen before.  We take the bound, trimmed book block for a hardback case bound book and we have machinery, that  drills and punches the hole that produce the hole at the face of the book pages. You can see from the 2 half circles that are die cut to put your index in your thumb to lift the pen in and out. We can make a different size depending on the particular characteristics of the pen.  So, if you want something like this, in your hardback case bound book, please give us a call, we can help

These pictures show what I think is the most cost-effective pen holder that we can produce.  The spine of the book is extended for the pens to be inserted. This process doesn’t decrease the durability of the book. It’s much faster and simpler to insert a pen.  So, if your client wants a hardback case bond book, which is in need of a “penholder” of the several methods that we can suggest or supply, this is one you might consider.

These three books, illustrate the same style of penholder, and of all the different methods that we’ve shown, this is by far the cheapest.  The penholder is simple looped paper, which has been cut, mounted to the back cover.  It’s not as durable as some pen holders, because the actual wrapped holder is paper.  Very simple to use and “very” cost-effective. 

This picture show a very cost-effective, functional, somewhat unusual “pen-holder.”  The colour coordinates with much of the book.  It’s very durable.  Another style of pen holder that we can produce for you.

This is one of the most unusual penholders I’ve ever seen.  Heavy cloth as you can see is riveted twice in the front and twice in the back.  The colour matches the elasticized book closure.

It seems that on the regular basis I see things I’ve never seen before.  These four pictures of this particular book are one of them. Yes, it’s got the elastic closure.  But I’ve never seen a pen holder which is sewn to the elastic closure.  I think it’s reasonably durable. A pen holder is indicated in the two pictures on the elastic at the back is attached as a normal book closure, which, instead of being eyeletted like many are, its inserted included into the inside of the back cover.  Environmentally, friendly, functional, the only one of its kind I’ve ever seen of this style.

Level up your books with this hidden pen attachment

I’m always excited when I see a unique way to improve a case bound book. This week, it’s adding a PMC / high die shaped cutout on the face of a case wrapped book for a pen. Instead of having the pen on the outside of the cover, this one is tucked safely inside the cover. This feature is particularly suitable for field notebooks, journals, workbooks, and more.

The image above shows two pen attachments styles: a pen loop attached to the spine and a pen loop attached to the inside back cover.

The image above shows a third pen attachment style that is attached to the elastic closure.

Case bound books are versatile! If your customer needs a hardcover book with something extra, please give us a call!

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