This array of books in this particular picture, is a wide number of add-ons we can do for hardback case-in, or casebound books.  All these books have headbands and headbands come in up to 300 different patterns and colours and shapes.  You notice there’s a whole range of ribbons. The ribbons again come in hundreds of different widths, colours, textures, and patterns and end cut styles.  There’s five different ways to cut the end of the ribbons. 

The books are edge stained.  We can often stain a book three different colours on three different sides, or one colour in all three sides.  We can also 3 or 4 colour “Fog” stain/colour the paper edges.  We can also gild like shiny gold material like in a Bible.  We can also do pattern line gilding with shiny material. 

These books could be flush covered.  They could be rounded corner.  They could be a variety of thickness.  But this picture just illustrates some of the add-ons.  We can make a book become distinctive and unusual and memorable.

This book is distinctive for an unbelievable, six different reasons.

First, you rarely see a book with two ribbons, much less two different coloured ribbons and noticed the ribbons are different lengths. 

Second, 14 different colours of foil on the cover; incredibly distinctive. 

Thirdly, the endpaper is a solid brown rather than black or white. 

Fourth, the elastic ribbon.  It’s attached on the outside back cover, but rather on the inside of the back cover. 

Fifth, a gusset folder that is full surfaced glue to the inside back cover. 

Sixth, an added saddle stitched book has been inserted to the gusset pocket.

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