Velvet Covers

Velvet Covers - Case Cover Materials

There’s a wide range of cover material that we can put on a hardback case bound book.  Everything from cork, canvas, leather, printed wrap, and cloth.  The two books pictured here are unusual in that the cover wrap for the case is velvet.  Velvet comes in a range of 14 different colours; comes in two levels of flock.  If you need a velvet coloured hardback case, we can help.


Unfortunately, pictures don’t necessarily show some of the distinctive of this product.  This book is velvet covered.  When you rub your finger over it, it almost changes the colour of the gold to silver.  It has a distinctive velvet cover.  When you receive the book it’s tied with a tassel as pictured.  When the string is unravelled and open as you can see the book is actually perfect bound. The perfect bound covers are mounted to the inside of this velvet case wrap interior.  The case wrap underneath the velvet is a very thin chipboard line with a brownish paper as indicated.  The string is adhered by glue and a cut hole inside the flap.

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