Unusual Case Cover Materials

Case Cover Materials

These six pictures show something that’s unusual.  The fact that there’s an orange ribbon it is sort of par for the course. The fact that the edges are stained is not overly unusual. The penholder has shown is the same colour as the ribbon, but the real distinctive is the high level sewing patterns, spelling the word “dream”, that are hand glued on the cover of the case bound book.  Can see from the angles shots and close-up shots that the sewing is quite thick.  I said so in another situation that we don’t do “in house” sewing.  We send the job out to one of two suppliers. One supplier is incredibly effective with multiple colours and the other one much more effective when sewing through thicker materials.  So we choose the appropriate supplier and send the sewing out and then applied to hardback book that you sent to us.  So something as creative as this is this, please keep us in mind.

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