Step Cutting, Corner Cutting and Face Cutting

The three different operations start with a bound book—perfect bound or saddle stitched, for example. We have rare machines that “cuts” away portion of paper from the face or corner of the bound book. The following diagrams illustrate the numerous styles we can do for you.


  • Diagram 4 above shows a step cut, which is by far the most common type
  • Diagram 5 shows a double step cut
  • Diagram 3 shows a corner cut
  • Diagram 6 shows a face cut
  • Diagrams 1, 2 & 7 have combinations step cuts, corner cuts and face cuts



  • All indexing (step cutting) is page-specific
  • All indexing is done with products that are already bound and trimmed
  • Indexing can also be done with spiral wire, Wire-O or loose leaf products




  • Fast and easy location of information within the book
  • Increased book usage
  • Increased perception of overall brand, value and quality
  • Greater visual impact
  • No die cutting or fold0out tab needed, which drastically reduces the cost
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