Smyth sewn drawn on cover

Smyth sewn drawn on cover

Smyth sewn drawn on covered books

This product looks very similar to a regular perfect bound book.  The only difference is that the book sections (or signatures) are thread sewn together.  The benefits of this binding style are

  1. Usually this style of binding will lay flatter, open flatter than a regular perfect book
  2. This style of binding is multiple times more durable than a regular perfect books
  3. The down side of this style is the cost is multiple times greater than regular perfect binding.  This extra cost is due to the fact that the binding process for perfect binding involves only one process after folding.

The perfect binding machine collates, binds and three side trims all in one pass.
For smyth sewing on the other hand, the folded sections must be separately collated, the sections sewn together and than the sewn sections have to be fed into a perfect binder, where the cover is glued on and the books trimmed.  Even with the added cost we are seeing an increase in jobs requiring this process!

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