This book is distinctive for an unbelievable, six different reasons.

First, you rarely see a book with two ribbons, much less two different coloured ribbons and noticed the ribbons are different lengths. 

Second, 14 different colours of foil on the cover; incredibly distinctive. 

Thirdly, the endpaper is a solid brown rather than black or white. 

Fourth, the elastic ribbon.  It’s attached on the outside back cover, but rather on the inside of the back cover. 

Fifth, a gusset folder that is full surfaced glue to the inside back cover. 

Sixth, an added saddle stitched book has been inserted to the gusset pocket.

This picture of the five books are shown to indicate the creative use of ribbons.  Each of these books have two ribbons; one ribbon matches the colour of the cover, and the other is a solid black, and in some of the instances, the ribbons in each book are of two different lengths.  So, if your client needs some ribbons for a book, please talk to us.  Ribbons come in six different end cuts different widths, different colour patterns, printed and multiple colours.

These pictures show seven books all with singular ribbons and in this instant all the ribbons match the colour of the book.  The red book has a red ribbon; the green books have a green ribbon. In my experience producing hardback case bound books, the majority of books with ribbons don’t have the covers matching the ribbon.  Increasingly more books have two or more ribbons.  I believe the additions of a ribbon in a book greatly adds to the perceived value and functionality of the product.

Children’s Book With Ribbon

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a “child book” with a ribbon in it the blue-ribbon coordinates with a lot of blue in the front cover, and the solid blue end paper as pictured.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m seeing more books having ribbons.  And now maybe you’ll start to see ribbons required for the production of children’s books.

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