Reindeer Board Book

Reindeer Board Book

Reindeer Board Book

These five pictures show an unusual add-on to a standard board book. The board book is shaped half-moon as you can see.  Between the two blue panels on the last page are hand glued with cloth “horn shaped” add-on to a child’s book.  It looks like the actual face and horns of a deer or moose. This piece requires a normal process of producing a board book, with the addition of PMC /high-die half circle on the head of the book and then hand applying the cloth horns.  In our shop, compared to a normal straight three-sided board book, this product would be more than four times the cost of a regular book.

Reindeer Board Book: A Unique Bindery Creation

In the realm of bookbinding, creativity and innovation play a crucial role in producing captivating and unique books. One such exceptional creation is the Reindeer Board Book. This distinctive board book, with its half-moon shape and hand-applied cloth horns, stands out as a delightful and imaginative addition to any child’s collection. Let’s delve into the intricacies of creating this unusual board book from a bindery perspective.

What is a Reindeer Board Book?

The Reindeer Board Book is a specially designed board book that features a half-moon shape and a hand-glued, cloth “horn-shaped” add-on. This whimsical design transforms the book into the face and horns of a deer or moose, providing a playful and engaging experience for young readers.

The Binding Process

  1. Board Book Production: The process begins with the standard production of a board book. Board books are typically made by gluing multiple layers of thick paperboard together to create durable and sturdy pages suitable for young children.

  2. Half-Moon Shaping: Using PMC (Programmable Multiple Cutter) or high-die cutting techniques, the head of the book is shaped into a half-moon. This unique shape sets the stage for the reindeer face and horns.

  3. Hand-Applying Cloth Horns: The final and most distinctive step involves hand-gluing cloth horns between the two blue panels on the last page. This meticulous process adds a tactile and visual element that resembles the face and horns of a deer or moose.

Pros and Cons of Reindeer Board Book Binding


  • Unique Design: The standout feature of the Reindeer Board Book is its unique and engaging design. The half-moon shape and cloth horns make it an appealing and memorable book for children.
  • Durability: As with any board book, the Reindeer Board Book is designed to be durable and withstand rough handling by young readers.
  • Interactive Element: The addition of cloth horns provides a tactile element that enhances the reading experience, making it more interactive and fun for children.


  • Higher Cost: The intricate design and hand-applied elements significantly increase the production cost. Compared to a standard three-sided board book, the Reindeer Board Book can be more than four times as expensive.
  • Labor-Intensive: The process of hand-applying the cloth horns is labor-intensive, adding to the overall production time and cost.
  • Supply Requirements: The need for specific materials such as cloth for the horns adds another layer of complexity and potential delays in the production process.

Ideal Uses for Reindeer Board Book Binding

The Reindeer Board Book is perfect for projects that aim to capture the imagination and interest of young readers. Some ideal uses include:

  • Children’s Storybooks: The unique design makes it an excellent choice for storybooks, particularly those with themes related to animals or nature.
  • Special Editions: Limited edition books or special releases can benefit from the distinctive and collectible nature of the Reindeer Board Book.
  • Gift Books: This binding style adds a personal and memorable touch, making it an ideal gift for children.


The Reindeer Board Book represents a perfect blend of creativity and craftsmanship. While it comes with higher production costs and requires more labor, the end result is a unique and engaging book that stands out from traditional board books. If you are interested in creating a Reindeer Board Book or exploring other innovative binding styles, please contact us—we are here to bring your vision to life.

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