Plastic Dust Jacket

This is a run-of-the-mill normal hardback case bound book with a very distinctive jacket. The jacket is “clear”; a plastic “screen printed” as you see.  The blue coordinates with the print from case wrap cover.  It’s somewhat more expensive to apply than a normal book jacket.  Depending on the length run of the job, we normally run the book jackets on 1 or 2 up on 1 of our die-cutters.  We crease the front and back hinge in the spine and then wrap it around the front and back cover.  The flap is inserted in this situation.  We have to “heat-score” the jacket in four places.  Simply bending the plastic by hand means it pops back.  Plastic is much more expensive than paper.  The printing is much more costly then the normal offset printing, but this is much more durable than paper.  Not as environmentally friendly but very memorable and distinctive.

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