Miniature Casebound (Hardback) Books

Miniature Casebound (Hardback) Books

What are Miniature Casebound (Hardback) Books?

Casebound books that are regular case bound/hard book bound books except they are very, very small.  They like large books are smyth sewn, have case-wrap board covers, have head and tail bands, endpapers (sometimes with ribbon or a paper dust jacket).  You often see this in rotary racks in stores (of course Chapters) near the checkout counters.

Some Miniature Casebound (Hardback) Books are like regular casebound books that are lithowrap (see picture #1), some are wrap with our material (see picture #2), some have a dust jacket (see picture #3), some are smyth sewn (see picture #4) some are perfect bound (see left side of picture #5)

Almost all of them are made in China…however we can STILL make them.  Someone who might want an “attention getter” called a “miniature board book,” or who needs them for a promo quickly…we can help.

For runs of a few hundred we can sometimes beat Chinese pricing.  We can definitely beat their delivery time and for a highly custom order we can suggest 100’s of colours, textures, materials and “add-ones.”


  • Small
  • “Cute”
  • Unusual


  • Quickly draws attention and interest
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