Genuine Leather Book Covers and Rigid Box Covers

Leather Book Covers & Leather Regid Boxes​

For your Setup Box or Case Wrapped Hardcover Book, trust us to provide you with genuine leather. Contact our estimating department at (416) 701-0111 ext. 308 or reach me directly on my cell at (416) 895-5355. Make us your first call.

Leather Book Covers & Leather Regid Boxes

I’m focusing on the versatile world of genuine leather. It’s not limited to just brown or black, but can be dyed in a multitude of vibrant colours and comes in various textures like pebbled, antiqued, or smooth. Genuine leather is a durable material for frequently handled books and rigid boxes. For both books and rigid boxes, we offer the option to stitch around the edges using a matching or contrasting thread. 

Genuine leather offers a canvas for personalization and customization. Whether you prefer an embossed logo, a foil-stamped title, or intricate decorative elements, genuine leather can be adorned with various finishing techniques to create a bespoke look that aligns with your project’s theme or branding. The versatility of genuine leather makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of projects, from commemorative books and luxury editions to corporate gifts and special collections.

When it comes to showcasing your special project, there’s simply nothing that compares to the tactile and visual allure of a genuine leather book cover. While paper or cloth wraps can serve their purpose, genuine leather exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication that captivates the senses. The supple texture, rich colors, and natural variations of leather create a unique and memorable experience for the recipient, whether it’s a client, customer, or honored guest.

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