Layflat Binding

There are occasions when someone wants a number of hard back bound books that are printed as single sheets. In this situation perfect binding or lay flat perfect binding is usually the solution. We have a rather unusual method which means at the end of production the product is much more durable than perfect binding or lay-flat perfect bind it’s called “fan-binding.” The sheets, which are collated together and trimmed are put through a machine, and as it’s hitting the glue roller at the spine, the pages are bent or fanned, one way and superglue is applied to, one side of the page creeps up, say 1/32 of an inch. Next stage, the pages are fanned the opposite direction and the glued on the other side maybe a 32nd of an inch, so the pages are much more effectively glued together. The end result is much more durable than perfect binding or lay flat binding. One of the particular benefits, for this particular process is for coated paper. When bound it is much more durable than perfect binding or lay-flat binding. So, if you got either uncoated or coated paper and you want something more durable than either perfect binding or lay flat, we would suggest we using what we called “fan binding.”

Elevate Durability with Fan Binding: A Binding & Finishing Company’s Solution for Layflat Books

In the realm of bookbinding and finishing, the quest for durability meets innovative solutions. For those seeking a robust binding option for hardback bound books printed as single sheets, the choice often comes down to perfect binding or layflat perfect binding. However, our binding and finishing company offers a unique alternative called “fan binding” that surpasses traditional methods in terms of durability and longevity.

The Fan Binding Advantage: Fan binding, our rather unconventional method, ensures that the end product is significantly more durable than both perfect binding and layflat perfect binding. This technique involves collating and trimming sheets before they are subjected to a specialized machine. As the sheets meet the glue roller at the spine, a meticulous process unfolds. The pages are bent or fanned in one direction, and superglue is applied to one side, causing it to creep up about 1/32 of an inch. Subsequently, the pages are fanned in the opposite direction, and glue is applied to the other side, creating a much more effective bond.

Enhanced Durability for Coated Paper: One of the standout benefits of fan binding is its exceptional durability, especially when working with coated paper. The process ensures that the pages are securely glued together, resulting in a final product that surpasses the durability of both perfect binding and layflat binding. Whether your project involves coated or uncoated paper, fan binding emerges as a reliable and resilient solution.

The Fan Binding Process in Detail:

  1. Collation and Trimming: Sheets are meticulously collated and trimmed to precision.
  2. Glue Roller Application: As the sheets approach the glue roller, the unique fan binding process begins.
  3. Page Bending: Pages are bent or fanned in one direction, allowing for precise glue application.
  4. Superglue Application: Superglue is applied to one side, creating a secure bond that creeps up approximately 1/32 of an inch.
  5. Opposite Direction Bending: Pages are then fanned in the opposite direction, and glue is applied to the other side.
  6. Effective Binding: The result is a book that is much more effectively bound than perfect binding or layflat binding, ensuring superior durability.

Why Choose Fan Binding: If you’re working with hardback bound books and prioritize durability, especially for coated paper, fan binding offers a compelling solution. The added strength and longevity of fan binding make it an ideal choice for projects where traditional binding methods might fall short.

When the goal is to create hardback bound books with unmatched durability, our binding and finishing company recommends considering the innovative fan binding process. Elevate your project beyond the limitations of perfect binding or layflat binding and embrace a solution that ensures your books stand the test of time. Contact us to explore the possibilities of fan binding and enhance the durability of your next print project.

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