Japanese Ribbon Binding

Japanese Ribbon Binding

Japanese Binding

Months ago I did an E-mail on Japanese Binding. The product here is called “Japanese Ribbon Binding”.  I’ve looked up a number of websites and three of them call this product “Fancy Binding”.  The name Japanese Ribbon Binding is a copyrighted term.  Fancy Binding as a term is not possible to copyright because it is too generic.  These ribbon books are impressive!  We can produce them from a range of about 250 colours of ribbons; shiny/dull ribbons, ribbed ribbons, patterned ribbons, edged ribbons…the list goes on.

This binding style can be almost any size, for example it may be 4”x5” to as big as 16”x16”.  If the cover is a hardcover it must be “creased” (or scored) next to the binding so the cover can bend open.  I’ve seen books like this with fancy “ties” at each end of the ribbon; some with various hole spacings, one with double ribbons for 2 colours, one with an “eyelet” on each hole…let your imagination WANDER.


  • Soft
  • Flexible


  • Colourful
  • Highly distinctive
  • Lots of room for creativity

Factor to consider

  • How is the book going to be used, eg. context office, some to be used by kids…etc
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