Jagged Face (Pinking)

Edge Painted Printing - Case Binding

I recently did a video about face printed books that are printed by a printer on an offset or digital press.  This video describes the process of printing the head and/or face and/or the foot of a finished bound book after the book is bound.  The books can be either perfect bound or hard/case bound.

The “printing” is done first by die cutting a “stencil” of a pattern or logo or words.  The “stencil” is placed over the area to be printed and the outer surface is either spray painted or the “ink” is applied with a roller.  There are literally scores of colours to choose from, the range of patterns and sizes and type fonts are endless.  Book “edge painting” is much more expensive than press printing the edge copy or patterns but…edge “printing” is much more precise, detailed, colourful, vivid and memorable than press sheet print “edging.”


The “jagged” face of these books is called “pinked” edges. We can put these edges on perfect bound books, hardcover books, pads, saddle stitched book……any kind of binding style.  It is highly unusual, therefore distinctive.  If you are needing something different ask us for “pinked face books.”

Jagged Face (Pinking): A Distinctive Edge for Your Bound Books

In the world of bookbinding, standing out is essential. One way to achieve a unique and eye-catching look is through jagged face, or “pinked” edges. This distinctive edge treatment can be applied to various binding styles, giving your books a one-of-a-kind appearance that captures attention.

What are Pinked Edges?

Pinked edges, also known as jagged faces, are created using a special cutting technique that produces a zigzag pattern along the edge of the pages. This method results in a “jagged” look that is both unusual and visually striking. Originally used in fabric to prevent fraying, pinking adds an artistic touch to books, making them stand out on any shelf.

Versatility in Binding Styles

One of the remarkable features of pinked edges is their versatility. This edge treatment can be applied to almost any type of binding, including:

  • Perfect Bound Books: Add pinked edges to perfect bound books for a modern twist on a classic binding style.
  • Hardcover Books: Enhance the sophistication of hardcover books with this unique edge treatment.
  • Pads: Even simple pads can gain a distinctive look with pinked edges.
  • Saddle Stitched Books: Give saddle stitched books an extra touch of flair with jagged edges.

No matter the binding style, pinked edges can elevate the overall aesthetic of your book.

Why Choose Pinked Edges?

Pinked edges are not just about appearance; they also convey a sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Here are a few reasons why you might choose pinked edges for your next project:

  • Distinctiveness: Pinked edges are highly unusual and instantly noticeable. They help your book stand out in a crowded market.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The zigzag pattern adds a decorative element that can enhance the visual appeal of your book.
  • Customization: Pinked edges offer a way to personalize your book, making it unique and tailored to your specific vision.

Creating Something Different

If you’re looking for a way to differentiate your book from the rest, pinked edges are an excellent choice. They provide a creative solution for those seeking something different and memorable. Whether for a special edition, a marketing piece, or a personal project, jagged face books leave a lasting impression.

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At our bindery, we specialize in creating books with pinked edges. Our team is experienced in applying this technique to various binding styles, ensuring high-quality results every time. If you’re interested in adding pinked edges to your next project, we’d love to help you achieve a distinctive and beautiful finish.

Contact us today to learn more about our pinked face books and how we can bring your vision to life with this unique edge treatment. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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