Hardback Case Bound Book

Hardback Case Bound Book

This hardback case bound book has a very distinctive cover.  The material was supplied by our printer’s customer.  Our cost was the same as a normal hardback case bound book.  It’s functional as any hardback bound book, but the fact that the colours change with movement makes it one of the most distinctive books I’ve ever seen in the many books we have bound.

Hardback Case-bound Book

On occasion I see hardback case-bound books that are cloth wrapped.  The largest portion of the front and back cover is a certain material and at the hub of the spine is a different material. The larger material in the front and back is overwrapped is indicated here in the spine picture. Yes, the picture of what looks like from the head is shown.  This is much more expensive than a standard cloth case wrapped method for our operation.  There’s a lot of handwork involved. Is it more durable than a regular hardback case bound cover.  A style that some people like if your customer wants it, we can definitely can help.

Redefine Hardcover Luxury with Faux Leather

Case Wrapped hardcover books can be covered in a range of durable materials. What I’m featuring this week is faux (polyurethane) leather covers that are stitched around the edges.

Unlike simple binding techniques such as perfect binding or saddle stitching, case binding demands a meticulous and multi-step production process. There are also many more finishing processes to elevate a hardcover book. We can apply stitching around the book covers and also “add” the hubbed spine effect seen on antique books.

As a printer, when you seek to impress with a fully printed cover, lithowrap rises as the top choice. But our adaptability when using faux leather allows for more – consider the option of a tip-in image on the front and back covers. We simply apply a shallow emboss in the shape of the printed artwork and then glue the sheet in place.

Our state-of-the-art case making machinery, paired with the craftsmanship of our experienced bookmakers, ensures that every book is worthy of any library.

For printers who strive to mark impressions, our faux leather-covered hardcover books redefine expectations. Contact us for a quote and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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