Flex Covers

Flex Cover - Case Cover Materials - Case Binding

This particular book is called a cased-in book with a flex cover. You can bend the cover. This particular one has a flap at the face which is often used as a bookmark.

The difference between this particular style of book as in a normal hardback cased-in book is that there is no board or chipboard inside the cover that could be material or cloth which is imprinted or embossed paper. It is really wrapped like any casebound book without the board. This is made like a normal casebound book. So the thickness of the front cover is entirely material, cloth or paper.

For hardback, casebound books, our production costs are the same for both hardback cased-in books and “limp”, “flexible” covered cased-in casebound books. Thank you for watching and your interest.

Case Cover Materials - Case Binding

This yellow “flex” cover book is distinctive in our particular operation. The flex cover is about the same price as a hardback case bound book.  The outer wrap can be printed like any hardback cover.  The difference between this flex cover, and a normal hardback book cover is that in a hardback the cover is mounted on 100-point chipboard.  In this situation the printed sheet is edge wrapped and then the book is glued in or cased in.  The only difference between this yellow book and normal hardback case bound book cover is that there’s no board inside.

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