Face Cutting

Face Cutting

Elevate Your Book’s Appeal with Face Cutting: Precision and Versatility

Unleash the potential of your hardback, case bound book with our exclusive “face cutting” process. Discover the versatility and effectiveness of face cutting as we tailor it to meet your unique requirements.

Unraveling the Art of Face Cutting

1. Full-Length Precision Cuts

Face cutting is not just a process; it’s a meticulous art. Our cuts span the full length of the pages, from top to bottom, ensuring a seamless and visually striking result. The precision of our cuts sets your book apart, adding a touch of sophistication to every page.

2. Customizable Measurements and Spacing

Tailor the face cutting to your exact specifications. Whether you envision varying measurements or spacing between cuts, we provide the flexibility to create a design that complements your content. The left-to-right cuts can be any size, offering a level of customization that suits your aesthetic preferences.

3. Effective Face Indexing

Face cutting stands out as a highly effective indexing method, especially when compared to alternatives like step cutting. The strategic placement of cuts makes for a visually appealing and functional index that enhances the reader’s experience.

4. Cost-Effective Excellence

Contrary to common misconceptions, face cutting comes at the same cost as step cutting. This means you can achieve a high level of customization and effectiveness without compromising on your budget. The choice between step cut and face cut is yours, and we’re here to guide you through the decision-making process.

Why Choose Face Cutting?

  • Precision and Versatility: Face cutting offers precise, full-length cuts with customizable measurements and spacing, allowing you to create a truly unique book.

  • Effective Face Indexing: Enhance the functionality of your book with a face-cut index that ensures easy navigation for readers.

  • Budget-Friendly Customization: Achieve the perfect blend of customization and cost-effectiveness, as face cutting comes at the same cost as step cutting.

Ready to elevate your hardback, case bound book with the finesse of face cutting? Contact us today, and let’s collaborate to turn your vision into a reality that captivates readers from the first page to the last.

Hardbound Case Book

This is a hardbound case book, it is distinctive to the extent that I’ve never seen this before.  There’s three sections to it. Each one is cut back shorter.  When you open the book up, three stages are cut at different levels, we’re able to bind hardback books and do the cutting afterwards.  So, if you want a style book like this, please call us we can help.


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