Embroidered Hardcover Books

Embroidered Hardcover Books -Case Cover Materials - Case Binding

This particular picture is of a book that is very unusual, distinctive, and innovative. This particular style could be of any thickness, height; like any regular hardback case bound book.

Case bound books with this distinctive cover have multiple coloured threads, sewing in a pattern as pictured. Sewn on the cover, some of the threads are fluorescent, some have multiple colours. The book can be seen in the original depending on the specifications or requirement of your particular client.

We could also add to this particular sewn cover, a padded cover, metal corners, or even a flex cover. So again, as the rest of our products indicate, if you want somebody distinctive, unusual, highly innovative, please give us a call.

We don’t do the sewing for these particular covers in-house. We use the normal cloth that we wrap many, many books with and job it out to two Toronto suppliers, one who specializes in short runs and one who specializes in long runs. We might decide which supplier to send it to depending on timing, but if you need something that’s sewn like this particular book, please give us a call.

This grey book is completely normal with the exception of multiple coloured sewing, which is on the grey cloth.  As mentioned, before we have two outside suppliers, they can sew multiple different colours, in one pass.  After the sewing is done the rest of the process is a normal hardback case bound book operation for us.  But if you want raised, sewn covers, please give us a call thanks.

This oversized oblong hardback case bound book is greatly distinctive. It’s a regular blue cloth. Our outside supplier that does a lot of high-speed multiple pattern, sews for us, supplies the embroidered white material with the red outline then sews in the edges around the numbers 1817.  We then produced the cases case the book and everything’s quite normal with this high raised numbers on the front of the book.

This book is just unique for obvious reasons. You can see all the thread patterns on the cloth. You can send a pattern like this for up to 12 multiple colours.  We then take the cloth, put it through regular hardback case maker.  The only extra cost is the actual sewing.

Embroidered Hardcover Books

This is the book with very detailed thread, sewing on the cover.  We do not do this kind of sewing “in house,” but we have two suppliers that sew on sheets of paper or cloth.  One supplier can do up to six colours in one pass.  The second supplier uses unusual thick thread. So to the touch it’s very evident.  In this illustration of the red leaf flower and the green stem you can feel it.  it’s very durable, environmentally friendly, expensive yes but if you want some intricate high raised “sewing” on your clients covers, we can help.

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