Edge Painting

Edge Painted Printing - Case Binding

I recently did a video about face printed books that are printed by a printer on an offset or digital press.  This video describes the process of printing the head and/or face and/or the foot of a finished bound book after the book is bound.  The books can be either perfect bound or hard/case bound.

The “printing” is done first by die cutting a “stencil” of a pattern or logo or words.  The “stencil” is placed over the area to be printed and the outer surface is either spray painted or the “ink” is applied with a roller.  There are literally scores of colours to choose from, the range of patterns and sizes and type fonts are endless.  Book “edge painting” is much more expensive than press printing the edge copy or patterns but…edge “printing” is much more precise, detailed, colourful, vivid and memorable than press sheet print “edging.”


Edge Painting : Edge Colouring

Edge Painting - Edge Coloring

We paint/stain business cards by the hundreds to tens of thousands! This process is difficult for most companies to do because there can be numerous problems ranging from the paint bleeding across corners or onto the front or back of the cards. There can also be issues with long production time and sky high prices. But we’re not most companies!!!

After dedicating hundreds of hours to testing new equipmentnew paints and inksdifferent application methods and ventilation methods, we’ve accomplished 7 goals:

  1. Eliminated color variation among the four sides
  2. Perfectly apply 2 colours to meet precisely at each corner of the card (no overlap on the corner)
  3. Eliminated colour bleeding on the front or back of the cards
  4. Eliminate rough edges
  5. Be able to offer hundreds of colours
  6. Reduce production time substantially
  7. Reduce prices by a very wide margin!

Edge Painting - Edge Colouring : Anstey Book Binding

Edge Painting - Edge Colouring : Anstey Book Binding


  • Seemingly endless numbers of very bright colours
  • Coloured cards are unique
  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 colours can be added per card (think each edge of a business card is a different colour!)

Edge Painting - Edge Colouring : Anstey Book Binding


  • Cards don’t just stand out from others, but rather they “JUMP” out from other cards
  • Colours could be corporate colours, theme colours, product colours, etc. The list is endless!
  • Painted/stained cards have a great deal of value added

In the world of business, first impressions are crucial, and a business card often serves as the initial point of contact. While the design, font, and layout of a business card are significant, the finishing touches can truly set it apart. This is where edge painting comes into play—a meticulous process that adds a vibrant touch to the edges of a business card, making it not only stand out but leap into prominence.

The Challenge of Edge Painting

Edge painting or edge staining is not for the faint-hearted. Most companies shy away from offering this service due to the complexities involved. The primary challenges include:

  1. Bleeding of Paint: Ensuring the paint does not bleed across corners or onto the front or back of the cards.
  2. Production Time: The process can be time-consuming, often resulting in prolonged production times.
  3. Cost: The intricate nature of edge painting can lead to exorbitant prices, making it less accessible for businesses.

However, at Specialties Graphic Finishers, we’ve tackled these challenges head-on.

Our Journey to Perfection

After dedicating hundreds of hours to testing new equipment, paints, inks, application methods, and ventilation systems, we’ve achieved remarkable results:

  1. Eliminated Color Variation: Consistency is key. We’ve ensured uniform color application across all four sides of the card.
  2. Precision in Dual Colors: We can now perfectly apply two colors, meeting precisely at each corner without any overlap.
  3. No Color Bleeding: Our refined techniques prevent any bleeding of color onto the front or back of the cards.
  4. Smooth Edges: The edges of our cards are flawless, devoid of any roughness.
  5. Vast Color Options: We offer a palette of hundreds of colors, providing endless possibilities.
  6. Reduced Production Time: Our streamlined processes have significantly cut down production time.
  7. Cost Efficiency: We’ve managed to reduce prices dramatically, making edge painting an affordable option.

Features That Dazzle

Our edge-painted business cards come with a plethora of features:

  • Vivid Color Choices: With a seemingly endless array of bright, vibrant colors, your cards can be tailored to your exact specifications.
  • Uniqueness: Each colored card is a unique piece of art.
  • Multi-Color Options: You can opt for 1, 2, 3, or even 4 colors per card. Imagine each edge of your business card sporting a different hue!

Benefits That Add Value

The benefits of our edge painting services extend beyond aesthetics:

  • Standout Appeal: Our cards don’t just stand out—they jump out, grabbing attention immediately.
  • Customization: Colors can be aligned with corporate branding, thematic elements, product lines, and more. The possibilities are endless.
  • Value Addition: Painted or stained cards convey a sense of premium quality and meticulous attention to detail.


At Specialties Graphic Finishers, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with business cards. Our edge painting services are a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. By overcoming the traditional hurdles associated with this process, we’ve made it accessible, affordable, and exceptionally high in quality. When you choose our edge-painted cards, you’re not just making a business statement; you’re creating a memorable impression that lasts.

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