Cork Covers

Cork Covers - Case Cover Materials - Case Binding

This hardback case bound has a cover, which is cork.  It is expensive.  The lead time from our suppliers is often very long.  We can do different patterns of cork.  It is a very extremely environmentally friendly and appears to be so arguably distinctive and in our age of a growing drive for environmentally friendly products; cork might be a great alternative over some artificially made products.

This hardback case bound book is distinctive because the case wrap cover is cork, but I’m showing this to indicate that with some limitations, the cork can be foil-stamped.  The same way, as most covers, such as leather or certain kinds of smooth or linen material on any hardback case bound book.  A cork cover immediately conveys a very environmentally friendly message.

This book is just unique for obvious reasons. You can see all the thread patterns on the cloth. You can send a pattern like this for up to 12 multiple colours.  We then take the cloth, put it through regular hardback case maker.  The only extra cost is the actual sewing.

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