Clam Shell Boxes

Clam Shell Boxes
Clam Shell Boxes

What is a clam shell?

In the context of a bindery a clam shell is a one-piece box. Like a set-up box it does not collapse. A clam shell box can be almost any size, made of a wide range of materials and have “insert configurations” that can be functional, visually appealing and creative.

The quantities we have produced range for 3 to 10’s of THOUSANDS.  Clam shell boxes are made of course to show something. The commonest use is to hold a book. The next most frequent use would be HOUSE a diploma, very special brochure or PERSONALIZED piece. The third most requested would be a retail product.

Clam shell boxes can have “MANY” different styles of closures; the commonest being a magnet. These boxes are “decorated” with either a debossed/ emboss style of printing followed in frequency by foil-stamping followed in frequency by a Litho printed case wrap.

Again, I’ve sent you lots of pictures to give you some ideas regarding clam shell boxes…… ideas to let your imagination flow.  Almost all clam shell jobs we produce follow the same course in almost all cases the client meets with us to look at our INCREDIBLY large range of samples and after discussing what is to go into the clamshell boxes we establish sizes, closures, types of material, liner details, “decoration”, type styles, production time and pricing.  In almost all situations we make a prototype (which we charge for) which usually takes 3- 5 days.


  • Solid
  • Light


  • Functional; eg holds some thing
  • Durable
  • No instructions needed for usage

Factors to consider

There of 100’s of creative options to choose from so consider time for production and usage required

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