Chicago Screw Case

Chicago Screw Case

Chicago Screw Case

As you can see from these four pictures, this is the somewhat unusual book. The two covers are automatically wrapped and automatically lined and drilled. The actual pages are saddle-sewn and drilled, and as pictured “Chicago screws” are installed.  The cover when open lies completely flat but the pages because they screwed together, don’t lie flat whatsoever! The pros and cons are that you can add or subtract sheets, as durable as any other style of book but because of the screws it is not environmentally friendly; but if you want a book like this, please call us we can help thanks.

Chicago Screw Binding: A Unique Approach

When it comes to bookbinding, the Chicago screw case method offers a distinct and versatile solution. This binding style combines functionality with a unique aesthetic, making it an attractive option for various projects. Let’s delve into the specifics of this somewhat unusual yet effective binding technique.

What is Chicago Screw Binding?

Chicago screw binding, also known as screw post binding, involves using metal screws (Chicago screws) to hold the pages and cover together. This method is particularly notable for its durability and flexibility, allowing users to add or remove pages with ease.

The Binding Process

  1. Cover Preparation: The covers are automatically wrapped and lined. Precision drilling ensures that the holes align perfectly with the pages.

  2. Page Assembly: The actual pages are saddle-sewn and drilled. This means that each page is sewn together before being drilled to match the cover’s holes.

  3. Screw Installation: Finally, Chicago screws are installed through the drilled holes, securing the pages and cover together.

Pros and Cons of Chicago Screw Binding


  • Customizability: One of the significant advantages of Chicago screw binding is the ability to add or subtract sheets easily. This feature is particularly useful for projects that may require updates or additions over time.
  • Durability: This binding method is as durable as any other style of bookbinding, ensuring a long-lasting product that can withstand frequent use.
  • Flat-Lying Cover: When the book is open, the cover lies completely flat, providing a neat and professional appearance.


  • Non-Flat Pages: While the cover lies flat, the pages themselves do not. This is due to the screws holding them together, which can create a slight bulge or unevenness in the pages.
  • Environmental Impact: The use of metal screws makes this binding method less environmentally friendly compared to other styles that might use biodegradable materials.

Ideal Uses for Chicago Screw Binding

Chicago screw binding is perfect for projects that require a high level of customization and durability. Some ideal uses include:

  • Portfolios: Artists and designers often use this method to compile their work, as it allows for easy updates and a professional presentation.
  • Proposals and Reports: Businesses can benefit from the ability to add new information without needing to rebind the entire document.
  • Photobooks: This method is ideal for photobooks where additional pages might be added over time.


If you’re considering a binding style that offers both durability and the flexibility to add or remove pages, Chicago screw binding might be the perfect choice for you. While it may not be the most environmentally friendly option, its advantages in customizability and durability make it a worthwhile consideration for many projects. If you are interested in creating a book with this unique binding style, please contact us—we are here to help you achieve the perfect finish for your project.

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