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Some case bound books (the same books can be called hard back bound books, or cased-in books) have a distinctive which is simply a die-cut cover.  A circular die shape can be multiple positions or skinny shaped multiple die shaped.  The die-cutting can go through even thicker book covers which is 120pt board.  Most hardback books are 80pt or 100pt board.  Even if its 120pt we could die-cut the cover.  With a die-cut cover, when you look at the die-cut portion you can see the edge of the board.  Under certain circumstances we can die-cut the cover wrap such as cloth, so that it wraps around the board which is cut on the edge of the die-cut portion.  Most often books that are hard back book bound or casebound have a blank endpaper.  When you open-up a casebound book, 99.9% of all hard back or casebound books, the inside case cover is laminated with or mounted blank paper.  The “endpaper” if it is printed however, when the hardback book cover is die-cut the endpaper must print on the inside pages of 2 and 3.  When a consumer looks at the die-cut cover they see the printing on the inside of the cover which is the “endpaper.”  From our experience die-cutting covers for hardback casebound books are becoming more frequent.  I believe the process makes the hardback cased in books look more distinctive and books with a die-cut cover request are more frequent.  Again, as this website repeatedly says, if you want binding which is innovative, creative, unusual, effective, and memorable please give us a call.  Please remember that all of our American customers and quotations include two-way shipping and all our delivery times agreed-upon with a client includes shipping two-ways.

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Elevate Your Hardcover Books with Innovative Die-Cut Case Cover Add-Ons

In the world of casebound books, the design possibilities are evolving, offering publishers and authors a chance to make a lasting impression. One such innovative trend gaining popularity is the use of die-cut covers. These distinctive case cover add-ons, available in various shapes and sizes, bring a unique flair to hardback books, setting them apart from the traditional counterparts.

Die-Cut Covers: A Closer Look: Some casebound books, interchangeably known as hardback bound or cased-in books, are now sporting die-cut covers. This involves the use of circular die shapes, available in multiple positions or slender, unique designs. Remarkably, the die-cutting process can even penetrate thicker book covers, such as the robust 120pt board, challenging the norms of the industry where most hardback books feature 80pt or 100pt board covers.

Visual Appeal: When a book embraces a die-cut cover, a fascinating element comes into play. The die-cut portion exposes the edge of the board, creating a visually intriguing effect. Under special circumstances, cover wraps like cloth can be die-cut to wrap around the board, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. This process adds a layer of creativity and uniqueness to the traditional hardback book design.

Endpapers: The Unseen Canvas: In the realm of hardback or casebound books, the majority feature a blank endpaper. However, with die-cut covers, there’s an opportunity to elevate this otherwise unprinted space. When the hardback book cover undergoes die-cutting, the endpaper, if printed, must extend onto the inside pages of 2 and 3. This means that consumers, when observing the die-cut cover, also witness the printed “endpaper,” creating a seamless and visually engaging experience.

Growing Trend: Die-cutting covers for hardback casebound books are steadily becoming more prevalent. This process not only adds a distinctive touch but also makes the book more memorable and visually striking. The demand for books with die-cut covers is on the rise, as publishers and authors seek innovative ways to capture readers’ attention.

As the world of bookbinding continues to evolve, die-cut case cover add-ons are emerging as a go-to option for those wanting to infuse innovation and creativity into their hardback books. If you aspire to create books that are not only effective but also leave a lasting impression, consider incorporating die-cut covers into your design. For distinctive, unusual, and memorable binding solutions, our expertise is just a call away. Remember, our commitment to quality extends to our American customers, with all quotations including two-way shipping, and agreed-upon delivery times covering shipping both ways. Elevate your hardcover books with the artistry of die-cut case cover add-ons today.

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