Board Books

Board Books

This book has a number of distinctive. Firstly, as you can see, it’s got a printed hard case wrapped cover; same style as any hardback case-bound book.  The corners are rounded.  Another distinctive is that the interior is a board book but with unusual distinctives, the panels are not glued together as a conventional board book.  Opening the book up you see there’s a number of “accordion,” folds.  To produce this job we used our 40 inch die-cutter, die-creased the sheets to produce five panel sections.  At least a portion of them have been die-cut, which is simply part of the creasing, and the die-cutting before the folding.  The back panel is full surface, glued to the inside back cover.  As indicated both covers are full surface lined, when the covers is closed, you can see glued to the inside of the front cover and in the back cover is the yellow ribbon.  It is to be tied for children.  Very durable, many ways, unique, something engages kids.  The kids market for books is growing, much quicker than other books for any ages.

This is an oversized board book which has been cased in.  We produce these books like a normal board book.  What is different in this situation is that some of the panels were die-cut and were not full surface glued but rather patten glued.  This allows the child, using the book to lift panels, open doors and open circles.  This book is very interactive for children, and I’ve noticed that in all the bookstores that I browse through the kids section is growing.

These three pictures is another oversized board book which has been high-die/PMC die-cut.  We have one of the largest PMC/high-die machines in the industry with two smaller ones for back up.  If you need a perfect bound or a board book shaped similar to this, please give us a call.

This is a board book.  The first picture appears to be a normal board book.  When you open the book, the purple panel is shaped in a half moon.  As each panel opens, they have circle rises.  When the final page is open the back panel is a square.  We produce a book like this with the same machine that we die-cut the covers of a hardback case bond book

This is a normal board book square spine, but what I’ve tried to do with the picture is to show that the little girl and the dog are rather a thick die-cut piece that have been glued in the appropriate place on the cover.  This is effective.  It’s a board book for kid and kids love touching things.  Kids love puppy dogs.  This book to a child would find inviting.  On occasion when you think something that is somewhat thick, 80pt or 100pt, that has to be mounted on a cover after die-cutting, we can help.

At first glance, this is a board book and yes, it is in a sense distinctive.  However, it has a cut window as indicated by my fingers.  What is distinctive about this book is that between the glued panels are coloured pieces of rubber.  Usually, to make a board this thick we would insert coloured stained board, e.g. 200-point hundred point depending what the client requested, in this situation the thickness is rubberized.  I would suggest the cost of the rubber versus cost of board is multiple times greater.  In this situation the rubber had to be ordered as per colour or in the situation of a board book like this we simply insert a glued e.g 150-point board.  We simply stain the edges of the board whatever colours required by the client. Yes, it’s distinctive. I would suggest extremely expensive and there’s alternative ways to make the product at a much much lower price.

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