Bamboo Case

Bamboo Case

Bamboo Case

These three pictures show a book which appears to be bound by a piece of “bamboo.”  In actual fact, the book has been saddle sewn and four stings ae hand sewn through the spine around, looped and tied to hold in the bamboo strip.  This is made this particular way for purely cosmetic reasons. The book doesn’t lay as flat as it would without the tube of bamboo.  In our shop, if you supply the bamboo and we were binding the book strictly as saddle sewing it would be a price of X.  To handle the four loops and insert the tube would more than double our price. But again, something unusual, something our competitors can’t help you with; please give us a call thanks in advance.

Bamboo Case Binding: A Unique Aesthetic

In the world of bookbinding, creativity and unique materials can transform a book from a mere collection of pages into a work of art. One such innovative approach is bamboo case binding. This method combines traditional saddle sewing with the rustic charm of bamboo, creating a visually striking and distinctive book. Let’s explore the specifics of this unique binding technique from a bindery perspective.

What is Bamboo Case Binding?

Bamboo case binding involves incorporating a piece of bamboo into the book’s spine. This is not just for structural support but primarily for cosmetic reasons. The bamboo strip adds an exotic and natural element to the book, making it stand out from conventional bindings.

The Binding Process

  1. Saddle Sewing: The core of the book is first bound using saddle sewing, a traditional and sturdy method where the pages are stitched together along the spine.

  2. Hand-Sewn Loops: Four strings are hand-sewn through the spine, carefully looped and tied. These loops are strategically placed to hold the bamboo strip in place.

  3. Bamboo Insertion: The bamboo strip is inserted into the loops, securing it firmly against the spine. This step is delicate and requires precision to ensure that the bamboo is tightly and evenly held.

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Case Binding


  • Unique Aesthetic: The primary advantage of bamboo case binding is its unique and attractive appearance. The bamboo strip adds a natural, rustic charm that is sure to draw attention.
  • Exclusivity: This binding style is not commonly offered by many binderies, giving your book an exclusive and distinctive look.
  • Durability: The saddle sewing technique ensures that the book remains durable and robust, capable of withstanding regular use.


  • Non-Flat Pages: One drawback is that the book does not lie as flat as it would without the bamboo strip. The presence of the bamboo creates a slight bulge, affecting the book’s ability to lay completely open.
  • Cost: Incorporating bamboo into the binding process more than doubles the price compared to standard saddle sewing. This is due to the additional labor required to sew the loops and insert the bamboo strip.
  • Supply Requirements: The client needs to supply the bamboo, adding another step to the process and potentially increasing the overall project time.

Ideal Uses for Bamboo Case Binding

Bamboo case binding is perfect for projects where aesthetics and uniqueness are paramount. Some ideal uses include:

  • Special Editions: Limited edition books or commemorative editions benefit greatly from the unique appearance of bamboo binding.
  • Art Books: Artists and photographers can use this binding style to add an extra layer of creativity and visual appeal to their portfolios or collections.
  • Gift Books: For books intended as special gifts, the bamboo case binding adds a personal and distinctive touch.


Bamboo case binding is an excellent choice for those looking to create a book that is both durable and visually unique. While it may come with higher costs and some limitations in terms of page flatness, the end result is a beautiful and exclusive book that stands out from the crowd. If you are interested in exploring this unique binding style, please contact us—we are here to help you bring your vision to life.

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