Hardcover Board Books

Hardcover Board Books: A Binding Revolution in Publishing”

The world of publishing is constantly evolving, and one of the exciting developments in recent years has been the rising popularity of board books. As a leading bindery, we’ve witnessed this transformation firsthand. Six years ago, we embarked on our first board book project with a print run of 10,000 copies. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of producing a range of board books, from smaller quantities to several thousand. What makes board books truly remarkable is the seamless flow of paper from edge to edge, side by side when the pages are opened.

Creating Hardcover Board Books: A Unique Process

The production of board books is an art in itself. To craft these durable and distinctive books, the printer typically prints on only one side of the paper. This single-sided paper is then cut into 4-page sections and folded into 4-pagers. What makes board books special is that when these four pages emerge from the folding machine, they are all blank on the outside. The next step involves carefully collating these blank sections and feeding them through one of our gluing machines, where they are expertly bonded together.

A Closer Look at Hardcover Board Books

Hardcover board books stand out for their structural integrity. The inner pages are often printed on light stock, creating a flexible reading experience. Unlike some children’s books where thicker pages result from layers of heavy board, hardcover board books have a more streamlined and lightweight interior. However, the focal point is the binding, which involves gluing the finished trimmed book into a wrapped, thicker cover. This cover overhangs, resembling a traditional casebound book, making the reading experience even more delightful.

Unique Styles and Sizes: Catering to Diverse Tastes

Hardcover board books offer a wide range of sizes, catering to diverse reader preferences. From compact 4″ x 4″ editions to larger 13″ x 13″ formats, these books have the versatility to meet the demands of various age groups and genres. This flexibility in sizing makes hardcover board books an ideal choice for publishers looking to cater to different audiences.

Price Considerations: Adding Value with Printed Wraps

If you’re considering creating hardcover board books with us, it’s important to note that the addition of a printed wrap case can result in a price increase of approximately 50%. This investment adds value by enhancing the visual appeal of the book and providing an opportunity to incorporate branding or thematic elements.

Shape Matters: PMC and High-Die Die-Cut Options

For those opting for non-cased board books, unique shapes are frequently employed. These include half-circle, concave designs, and wide rounded corners, which can add an element of playfulness and creativity to children’s literature.

In conclusion, hardcover board books are an exciting and innovative option in the world of publishing. With their unique binding process, diverse sizes, and potential for added value through printed wraps, they offer a distinct and appealing choice for publishers. If you’re interested in creating standard board books or cased-in board books, we invite you to contact us to explore the possibilities. Thank you for your interest in exploring the world of board books, and please remember that all our quotes include two-way shipping and agreed-upon delivery times.