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Add Magic to Your Books: Edge Ghosting

This week, I’m introducing a fresh innovation for your book design: stunning ghosting edge treatments. While metallic gilding in gold or silver is a classic choice, there’s a more budget-friendly alternative – edge staining (also known as edge spraying). And the best part? It can be matched to a huge range of PMS colours. We […]

Who can die cut extra thick book covers? We can!

In this video, I highlight our expertise in die-cutting window designs on thick book covers. Most book covers are made with 100pt board, but sometimes clients want something thicker! Die cutting intricate designs on lightweight stock is straightforward, but very difficult with a thick board. We excel at creating custom designs on hardback books, even […]

Need Large Sheet Folding Done? We Can Help!

Are you looking for a bindery that can handle large sheet folding? Look no further! Our specialty folding machines can handle sheets up to 44″ x 80″ with ease. Whether you need accordion or roll fold styles, we’ve got you covered. With our machines, we can even do second and third right angle folds, and […]

Create a Binder That Truly Meets Your Needs

This week I’m featuring our expertly crafted fully custom wrapped binders. Ordering binders online comes with limitations – sizes, features, stands, pockets, etc. What can you do when you have a particular requirement? When you work with our skilled team, the result is a binder that meets your exact needs … like finding suppliers that […]

Durability with Function – Double-Thick Wire-O Easels

This week, I’m showing a thick Wire-O flip chart, which requires an extra sturdy easel. To make a strong and durable easel, we first die creased and die cut the corrugated sheets, applied glue and then folded the pieces back to make it double thick. The tricky part of this job was Wire-O punching material […]

Unique padded book covers – feel the difference!

The hardcover book I’m showing this week is soft to the touch because it has padded front and back covers. We produce a wide range of case wrapped variations, but this one is unique because you don’t really see the difference, but you can feel the cushioning. To make these puffy book covers, we line […]

A Hidden Feature of Product Packaging

The die cutting job I’m showing this week has a feature you’ve probably seen when opening a retail product. Inside are custom die cut fittings that cushion the product inside and maintain the integrity of the box when handled. We are a finishing house that offers full die cutting, box gluing and full-service assembly. Our […]

Creating Possibilities with Case Wrapped Hardcover Folders

We’re always trying to innovate and give customers new ideas and applications for well known products like case wrapped covers. Hardcovers aren’t just for books and boxes, and the product I’m showing this week takes it to a whole new level! Inside the hardcover, you’ll find a sleek and compact perfect bound book that is […]