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Peel & Reveal Tabs – Full Press Sheet

Perforated Peel & Reveal tabs are a great solution for promotional purposes or product coupon codes. They also have many names: tear-off tabs, pull to win, break-open tickets, tear-strip tabs, pull-tabs, breakaways, etc. We call them Peel & Reveal tabs because the end user “peels” the perforated tab on the carrier and reveals the information, […]

Brochure Holders Produced Automatically

  The die cut Brochure Holder I’m featuring is functional, durable and extremely easy to use. Customers can successfully promote their products with these Brochure Holders. Brochures and pamphlets are held securely in the tray. This design is particularly cost effective because it is a single die cut piece and no hand-labour was required to […]

3 Wheel Chart Retail Display

3 Wheel Chart Retail Display This point-of-purchase piece is one of the most unusual pieces I’ve ever seen because it has not just one or two, but three separate Wheel Charts! Wheel Charts, also called Information Wheels or Spinner Charts, are an interactive and user-friendly information tool. The simple design includes a rotating outer wheel […]

Custom Shaped Sticky Pads

This week’s email features custom shaped sticky pads with dyed glue spines and colour edges. The cheese wedge shaped pad (shown above) has a red glue spine, which we dyed using a non-toxic dye. We cut this pad on a regular cutting machine and then used a non-toxic dye to dye the glue red. The […]

Eco-Friendly Custom Box Inserts

Eco-Friendly Custom Box Inserts Does your client want a stellar product presentation (with the added bonus of protection for fragile items) in their custom box? Custom Box Inserts are a crucial component to custom packaging design because they display, organize and protect the box contents. The image above shows how the paperboard box liner can […]

Die Cut Book Sleeve

Die Cut Book Sleeve The printer client chose our company for this book and sleeve job because we could produce all the components in house. This project included five components: Perfect binding the book Die cutting the sleeve Box gluing the sleeve Book insertion Single shrink wrapping At Specialties, we love jobs that have multiple operations […]

No Eyelet Spinners

I admit I was really impressed when I came across the idea of making a spinner without any metal eyelets. I wasn’t surprised, though, when our team figured out how to do large volumes of spinners without eyelets!  The process requires die cutting and very sophisticated construction on our box gluing machines. The resulting Eyelet-free […]

Braille and QR Codes – Make Your Product Accessible

The focus this week is on making packaging, pharmaceutical inserts and marketing materials more accessible. Improving accessibility does not mean increased costs! In fact, adding Braille for people who are visually impaired, can be done inline without additional machine passes or increased cost. Braille is easily incorporated into diecut packaging and folded inserts. For die […]

Box Carrying Handles

The world of Box Carrying Handles is huge, with handles ranging from light to heavy duty, plastic to leather, top and side mounted, etc. Whether you have a die cut box or case wrapped rigid box job, we can recommend the best carrying handles for the application and weight. The range of Box Carrying Handles […]


Most binderies offer Wire-O binding, but we push the limit with unusual sizing and materials! We can Wire-O bind books up to 1” thick. For small runs, we can punch Wire-O books as large as 3’ high x 4’ wide. If you’re hearing, “Your book is too large”, “Your book is too thick”, etc. we’re […]