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Case wrapping board isn’t just for hardback book covers. The product featured in this email is a Product Swatch Board, which would ultimately have metal door handles riveted on as a sales piece. We die cut, case wrapped and lined this Case Wrapped Product Swatch Board and then applied metal corners for durability. The client […]


Are you a designer, print broker or printer that’s on the hunt for something different and unusual to differentiate your product? Flock is just that – different and unusual and it can be applied to books, boxes, packaging, etc. Flock is the fuzzy stuff you see on paper and books! It feels and looks like […]


Rollabind, which is also known as Discbinding, is a mechanical binding process like Wire-O and Plasticoil but with a major advantage. The Rollabind binding method was designed to enable end users to add and remove sheets by hand without damaging them. Books bound with Rollabind lay flat when open and can be opened 360 degrees! […]


We love a challenge, so when clients have an unusual job or want to incorporate non-traditional materials into a job, we’re all in. One of the benefits of working with us is our experience in experimenting with different products and knowing the right suppliers. We’re used to doing a lot of experimentation for different projects! […]

Saddle Stitching with Foldouts

We can produce highly unusual Saddle Stitched books that have multiple foldouts! Most binderies can do 6pg foldout covers on Saddle Stitched books, but only a few (like us!) can also add foldouts from the top and/or bottom and/or face. These operations require die-cutting, oftentimes some very tricky folding and then Saddle Stitching. We can do […]


We have just re-engineered one of our perfect binders. We can now Perfect Bind books up to 4” thick! I don’t know of any other bindery that can do this. The book pictured above is Smyth sewn with a drawn-on cover. We can Perfect Bind 4” books that are PUR Perfect Bound as well as […]


 One style of folding you don’t see very often is Triangle Folding. This style of folding is a great option because it’s distinctive, memorable and just plain different! We can do a Triangle Fold on sizes up to 20” x 20” on 50lb to 100lb offset. A Triangle Fold can have multiple panels. For […]

Map Folding

There are only a few binderies in North America that can efficiently fold huge quantities of maps on sheets as large as 44” x 80”. The above images show a plastic map with a number of accordion folds. We can do up to 24 accordion folds on our machines. The two images below show common […]

Large Sheet Accordion Folding

Accordion Folding is just one of the many services our bindery offers. We can produce 24 accordion folds in one pass . . . on sheets as large as 44” wide! If you’re trying to get a job folded that is unusual or tough for other binderies, please give us a call. We also do […]

Perpetual Card

This is one of my all-time favorite pieces! It’s called many things, but we call it The Perpetual Card. Perpetual Cards are a genius, tactile marketing tool that engages users unlike few other products available. It folds endlessly and reveals 4 individual designs. We can produce Perpetual Cards in be different sizes, stock weights (heavier […]