Stop & Stare: Our Hand Assembled Die Cut Boxes

Stop & Stare: Our Hand Assembled Die Cut Boxes Die Cut Boxes

The job I’m featuring this week is a die cutting job that required foil stamping and some hand assembly. Our handwork team formed the custom closure flaps by applying double sided tape and magnets (shown in image below) and then folding.

Die Cut Boxes

Many custom die cutting jobs require multiple operations like foil stamping, embossing, hand folding and assembly. Our handwork team is fast and precise, ensuring that any hand assembly components don’t slow a job down.

Die Cut Boxes

With our top-of-the-line machinery, we can handle everything in-house, ensuring high quality and fast turnaround. Check out our online gallery to see the impressive range of die cutting products we produce, including food packaging, retail & cosmetics packaging, postal packaging, and foldable box styles.

Choose us for all your die cut boxes or die cutting needs, and experience the speed and quality we’re known for!

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