Boost Retail Sales with Booklet Hang Tags!

Booklet Hang Tags

The product I’m featuring is a Booklet Hang Tag we recently produced. The customer supplied the printed sheets, which we cut, folded, collated and saddle stitched. The last step was attaching an elastic loop.

Booklet Hang Tags

Hang Tags are a popular way to increase brand recognition, company presence, and product promotion. Studies have shown that Product Hang Tags attract attention and boost sales in a retail environment. Booklet Hang Tags are an even more effective way to communicate your brand and product messaging through your packaging.

Booklet Hang Tags

Our customized machinery makes it possible for us to produce a wide range of Hang Tags:

  • Swing tags are simple 2pg product tags.
  • Multi-tags contain multiple individual tags grouped on the same loop.
  • A 4pg tag is a simple, folded tag that provides more space to display more information.
  • Eyelets provide extra durability by adding a metal eyelet to the string hole.
  • A multi-fold tag unfolds to tell a brand’s story or provide product information.

Booklet hang tags make their product stand out on the shelves, tell a brand story or provide added-value information (e.g., instructions, recipes). Give us a call to discuss how you can give your customers a new way to interact with your brand.

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