Shipping costs too high? Switch to collapsible rigid boxes!

collapsible rigid boxes

The product I’m showing this week is a Rigid Box that ships flat and is very easy to quickly assemble! Although these boxes can be collapsed, they feature thick, sturdy materials and a magnetic closure.

collapsible rigid boxes

Specialties Graphic Finishers

Standard collapsible rigid boxes available online have double sided tape applied to the inner four corners of the box. The end user removes the tape backing and pushes the corners together, which forms the box.

The design of this box is different! It only requires the end user to push two ends together before folding a flap down, which holds the box in position. To flatten the box again, the user simply lifts the ribbon attached to the folded flap.

collapsible rigid boxes

Why would someone want a rigid box that can be collapsed? Non-collapsible rigid styles are costly to ship because of their volume. Collapsible rigid boxes that ship flat are a great way to reduce shipping costs! If your client is looking for fully custom boxes with innovative solutions, please give us a call.

Reduce Shipping Costs with Collapsible Rigid Boxes

As a leading graphic arts finishing company, we understand the importance of finding cost-effective packaging solutions that still maintain an impressive quality. That’s why we’re excited to showcase our latest product – a collapsible rigid box that is easy to assemble and reduces shipping costs.

Thick and Sturdy Materials: It’s essential to mention that even though these boxes can be collapsed, they’re still incredibly sturdy. Our collapsible rigid boxes are made of top-quality materials that keep their shape even after being flattened and shipped. The magnetic closure ensures that the box stays shut during transportation, ensuring that your product and brand image are protected.

Easy and Quick Assembly: Our collapsible rigid boxes are designed for quick assembly, requiring little effort or know-how on the part of the end-user. Unlike standard collapsible rigid boxes, our design only requires the user to push two ends together, then fold down the flap to hold the box in place. To flatten the box, the user simply lifts a ribbon attached to the folded flap. This means that regardless of the end-users, they can easily assemble and disassemble the box, without the need for special skills or instructions.

Reduce Shipping Costs: Shipping costs can quickly add up, and anything that can reduce them is a lifesaver. Non-collapsible rigid boxes are costly to ship due to their volume. Our collapsible rigid boxes can be easily flattened, which means they take up less volume and ultimately reduce shipping costs.

Fully Customizable: At Specialties, we pride ourselves on offering innovative finishing solutions. Our collapsible rigid boxes can be tailored to your clients’ unique needs, such as branding elements, custom sizes, internal packaging, and more. This helps create a premium unboxing experience that reinforces a brand image.

In conclusion, our collapsible rigid boxes are the ideal solution for those looking to reduce shipping costs without sacrificing quality and branding. They are sturdy, easy to assemble, and fully customizable, making them suitable for an array of industries and products. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next packaging project.


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