The Finest Boxes Made Completely In-House!

Setup Boxes

Many of you know that we offer Rigid Box Making to printers across North America. What you might not know is that we make each of the box components IN-HOUSE! From simple projects to complex box and lid systems, each part is adeptly made by our team.

Setup Boxes

We make all of these boxes in house:

  • Shouldered Boxes
  • Telescope Lid Boxes
  • Cigar/Flip Top Boxes
  • Clamshell Style Boxes
  • Tray with Sleeve
  • Classic Shoebox

We have steadily added to our line of machinery and have a full line of Bobst/Brausse die cutters, tray making machines, case wrapping machines and other specialty machines to make your rigid box stand out. The image below shows the box trays with corner stays that we make in-house.

Rigid Setup Boxes

The image below shows a highly complex 4layered tray setup box. We can do simple boxes, but we shine doing unique projects!

If you have an unusually sized Setup Box or want to use an unusual material, please give us a call at (416) 701-0111 ext. 308! Sending your job to us means the best team is working on your project.

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