Wire Hang Tags

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Wire Hang Tags

We have ANOTHER new machine! We’ve been busy responding to market demand for a wider range of hang tag sizes and materials. This new tag wiring machine is fully automatic and applies wire, instead of string or thread, to hang tags.

Applying wire is a great, durable option for industrial applications. The machine uses 40lb spools of wire, thread the wire through the tag hole and then cuts the wire to the specified length. The two ends are left loose to be later tied around an end product.

Wire Hang Tags

We work with American and Canadian printers to produce unusual sizes of hang tags and use unusual hang tag materials. Our extensive line of tag stringing and tag wiring machines gives us the capacity to do large runs.

Simply put: We have a massive tag stringing capacity.

We offer three options for hang tag hole reinforcement: Add paper patches to the eyelet hole; add metal eyelets; or apply clear plastic mylar to reinforce the hole.

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