Z-Fold Cards with Folded Covers

Over the years, as we’ve worked with printers across Canada and the USA, we’ve added a few variations and add-ons to make Z-Fold Cards even more useful for end users! The variation I’m showing this week is Z-Fold Cards with Folded Covers.Z-Fold Cards Z-Fold Cards

How does that work? Instead of having separate front and back cards, there is a single folded 4pg or 6pg cover. We simply accordion fold the inside sheet and then tip it onto the inside back cover. This allows the Z-Fold Card to be automatically inserted into envelopes or clip sealed / wafer sealed closed.

Z-Fold Cards

In addition to applying Folded Covers, these are other Z-Fold Card options we offer:

  • Cards a big as 6” x 9”
  • Cards as small as 1” x 1”
  • PMC die-shaped covers
  • Cards with pockets

We’ve been producing Z-Fold Cards now for over a decade on our own, in-house designed machinery. We deal with only graphic designers and printers and never approach your clients directly!

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